Charging as a Service (CaaS)

We take care of everything to give you peace of mind.

Our turnkey solution CaaS in a few short steps:

1. Audit

An audit is carried out by an industry specialist to accurately forecast your energy savings.

2. Solution

A customised EV charging solution is designed & specified to enable efficient charging of vehicles for either own use, employee use or customer use.

3. Business Models

Business Models built to either generate revenue or provide additional benefits for your employees, depending on your requirements.

4. Installation

Installation of your EV charging tech is carried out to minimise business disruption & enable future up-scaling – at zero up-front cost to you.

5. Aftercare

Your EV charging availability is guaranteed by Journey, with ongoing maintenance included within the monthly service costs.

Journey CaaS enables you to have control of your charging points, ensuring you derive all of the benefit, rather than sharing with another operator.

CaaS means that you will benefit from the best operating systems which are constantly being developed and upgraded, enabling extensive functionality and guaranteed uptimes.

EV charging: example revenue model
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The pace of change in the motoring sector is phenomenal. We’re in the midst of a massive shift from a reliance on the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to electric powertrains. From a deployment perspective (both for fleet managers, vehicle owners and electrical network / infrastructure operators), this presents a whole host of benefits, opportunities and challenges. Of course, the primary benefit is that electricity emits far less CO2 than traditional petrol or diesel; it is also far more widely available, in that almost every property we inhabit has power to it. However, the challenge ahead is that the current range of electric vehicles (EV) is not the same as an ICE, therefore it is necessary to charge the battery more often, and this takes longer. Most charging (circa 80%) will take place at peoples’ homes overnight, however there will always be a need for vehicles to re-charge at destinations or at work. This is where EV Charging as a Service (CaaS) comes to play.

Journey has developed a model that covers the cost of EV charging infrastructure (to businesses) without any capital outlay. With our CaaS solution you can develop the right model for your business, whether that is for employee charging; customer charging; or enabling local community charging. Whatever you need, we can support you to enable your specific requirements.

Importantly, CaaS future-proofs your EV charging requirements – and enables you to move with the times. As cars and charging become more powerful and adaptable, you can upgrade them to ensure they are relevant for your business’s needs. In short, at Journey, we’ll help to ensure that you can benefit from the fast-adapting landscape of EV charging technology – please contact us to learn more.

Cash isn’t free and it’s a limited resource. With our CaaS mode, you can save your cash for core business activities and align your energy and cost savings with the monthly repayments.

The contract is typically 5 years in length, but can be amended to suit the anticipated savings or revenue generation of your project.

We guarantee the availability of your EV CaaS solution. Maintenance and remote diagnostics is included – in fact, often we will know before you do if the unit has failed – and we’re able to sort a remote fix. On the rare occasions we can’t, we will organise a visit to site.

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