Government aims to cut emissions from Britain’s biggest property estate

New guidance aimed at decarbonising Britain’s largest property portfolio has been launched by the Cabinet Office.

The Net Zero Estate Playbook will ensure consistent approaches, such as using solar panels, LED lighting and greener building materials, are applied across public buildings – including schools, hospitals, prisons, job centres, offices.

The UK was the first major country to legislate for net zero, and as the host of COP26 which concluded earlier this month has been leading the way in securing global action to tackle climate change. The guidance will make national infrastructure greener by giving departments, the public sector, and government property professionals clear guidance on the design, implementation, and monitoring of Net Zero strategies and delivery programmes.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Steve Barclay said: “The public estate generates 2% of the UK’s total emissions. So decarbonising public buildings is absolutely crucial if we’re going to meet our environmental targets. Property Professionals should use the Playbook to turn best-practice into standard-practice. It will put the public estate in a stronger position to deliver a 78% reduction in emissions by 2035, and fully net zero by 2050.”

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