Motor dealers sat on ‘ticking energy time bomb’ – new guide shows there is an easier route to energy savings & decarbonisation

A specialist energy solutions company has warned motor dealers they are sitting on a ticking time bomb if they fail to embrace efficiency in the fight against rising energy costs.

Wholesale gas and electricity prices have reached an all-time high and this trend is set to continue. Many motor dealers are likely to be unprepared for a sharp rise in operational costs and will urgently need to find ways to reduce their electricity bills and meet corporate Net Zero emissions ambitions.

Journey Energy Solutions Ltd (Journey) says taking swift action on energy efficiency investments is the best way to mitigate the hit of inevitable price rises. The company – which counts Rygor Mercedes-Benz UK amongst its customers – has developed a service-based model that delivers low carbon and energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting and EV charging, without the need for upfront capital expenditure.

‘Similar to contract hire’

Journey’s service-based model, which works in a similar way to a contract hire or fixed cost motoring agreement, can unlock significant cost savings – often in excess of 60% – over the term of a contract.1 For motor dealers, predictability and control over operational costs and minimal maintenance and hassle will be welcome benefits.

For motor dealers seeking to accelerate their pathway to net zero, not only will such upgrades reduce their carbon emissions, but it will also improve their green credentials with key stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors.

Up to 60% energy cost savings

The company cites lighting as a prime example of where swift, tangible savings can be made. This essential building service often accounts for up to 40% of a business’s outgoing costs. Yet replacing existing outdated lamps with energy efficient LEDs can have a significant impact. Savings of up to 60% can be expected, rising to 80% when intelligent lighting controls are utilised.

To help motor dealers on the path to energy savings and carbon reduction, Journey has launched a free, downloadable guide. ‘The Journey to Net Zero – How to cut costs, save energy and deliver decarbonisation: a guide for motor dealers’– shows that it’s not necessary to turn off showroom lights to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions.

The company believes its new energy guide is one of only a handful of documents aimed specifically at addressing the challenges faced by the motor dealership sector since the SMMT’s joint publication with the Carbon Trust in 2011.

‘Inaction is not an option’

“Businesses of all sizes are being warned of inevitable energy price rises in the coming months, with no sign of any government assistance”, says CEO of Journey Energy Solutions Darren Riva. “This is a major challenge; it will have a significant impact on operational costs. For cost-sensitive businesses, inaction is not an option. The integration of energy efficient and low-carbon technologies has the potential for very significant cost savings. Any cuts to operational costs can be returned directly to the bottom line.

“We want to help motor dealers on save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Our specialist team is committed to delivering added value, predictability and hassle-free solutions; whether it’s lighting upgrades or EV charging, our bespoke solutions are designed to provide greater peace of mind. Our new Guide is the first step to setting companies on their energy saving and decarbonisation journey.”

Download the free guide here.