Are you ready for the EV revolution?

The pace of change across the UK motoring sector is phenomenal, with the market for Electric Vehicles (EVs) booming.

Last year was the most successful year in history for the uptake of EVs, as more new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) were registered than over the previous five years combined1. Analysts have even gone so far as to predict that EVs will represent 15% of the new car market in 20222.

However, there is one major obstacle that needs to be overcome to support this growing market: charging infrastructure. Around 80% of EV charging is done at home3 yet the requirement for recharging vehicles at destinations, particularly a place of work, is growing.

According to the latest Government figures, as of January 1 2022, there were 28,375 public EV charging devices available in the UK – an increase of 9% compared to October 1 20214. But more needs to be done. If we are to support the rapid growth of EVs, it is critical to have robust charging infrastructure in place.

Research shows that businesses are twice as likely to make the switch to EVs5, with Government providing funding to help with the upfront costs of purchasing such vehicles. Yet is as equally important that businesses have access to funding for the required charging infrastructure.

This is where Charging as a Service (CaaS) comes to play, and at Journey we have developed a model that covers the cost of EV charging infrastructure without any capital outlay.

Why should I be considering Caas?

Many more businesses are realising the benefits of electrifying their fleet. There are a number of key drivers for this. The first is cost. Running electric vehicles can significantly reduce fuel costs when compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle. Businesses are also seeking to prepare themselves for the forthcoming government legislation which will see the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030,

Offering charging infrastructure can also make a business more attractive to potential employees and customers. As the uptake of EVs increases, so will the importance of making it easier for staff and visitors to charge their vehicle for their onward journey.

How will it help me decarbonise?

Transportation is now the most polluting sector in the United Kingdom and produced the equivalent of 122 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (MtCO2e) in 20196

For businesses measuring their greenhouse gas emissions, it will contribute to reporting on Scope 1 (direct) emissions, such an employee driving a vehicle as part of their work. Businesses can also report under Scope 3 (value chain emissions) for employees commuting to work.

Is it really going to future proof my business?

As cars and charging become more powerful and adaptable, CaaS is the ideal choice for futureproofing your businesses EV charging requirements. For customer facing businesses, such as motor dealers, it’s all about convenience. By installing much-needed charging infrastructure now, not only does it stay ahead of future requirements, but delivers on customer needs today. In short, we’ll help to ensure that you can benefit from the fast-adapting landscape of EV charging technology. 

This all sounds great but how does it work?

There are five simple steps to benefitting from CaaS.

  1. We undertake an audit to accurately forecast your energy savings.
  2. Our experts design a customised EV charging solution to enable efficient charging of vehicles for either own use, employee use or customer use.
  3. A Business Model is built to either generate revenue or provide additional benefits for your employees, depending on your requirements.
  4. Once the design and cost modelling has been agreed, we’ll deliver your EV charging technology in a way that minimises disruption to your business operations & enables future up-scaling.
  5. Your EV charging infrastructure benefits from wraparound support with ongoing maintenance included within the monthly service costs.
EV charging: example revenue model

Is it as hassle free as you say?

Yes! Our CaaS model gives you control of your charging points, ensuring you derive all of the benefits, rather than sharing with another operator. We also guarantee the availability of your EV CaaS solution with maintenance and remote diagnostics is included in the monthly fixed cost. In fact, we’ll often know of any unit failures before you do and can fix it remotely. On the rare occasions this isn’t possible we will organise a visit to site.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from service-based models for low carbon technology, download our free guide.

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